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07 April 2010 @ 08:43 pm
I'm planning to go back to blogging. Maybe here or am still looking for a right host. Because i might forgo my domain EEDUH.COM. It's taking to much of my life to maintain. So, watch this space?
25 June 2009 @ 02:15 am
Refreshinggggg...! A quickie. Just want to get things done before my (very short) school holiday ends and i'll be dead beat every night. Oh, i just love this one - just because i added new caption feature! Save me all the trouble of photo shopping every caption onto the picha.

That aside, i just wanna share with you what i found! Vintage Tee, mayn! When it was only 3 of us; my other brother was probably still crying and my sister was still learning to 'swim'. Don't people do this kinda thing anymore? haha!

I look like a Vietnamese' kid or sth!

Oh well... i miss boyfriend. i want to get at least a day of relaxation & rejuvenation before school starts. May i? I want my mind to just stop thinking and my body to stop work. Wahlau, if i got extra kaching, i'll be heading to spa already! Let's indulge and get our minds free from anything and everything! When love takes over....
Where: bedroom
11 June 2009 @ 10:48 pm
my nose is so dry from runny nose that i need to use moisturizer around it; it hurts! *faint* Been under the weather since Tuesday night that i had to drag myself to work.

It's such a pleasure to know that kids do remember you when they're home. They keep me going everyday, without fail! Please get better for tomorrow's term end party... Farewell to my fav kids and colleague.

And someone just can't keep a good record in my book; endlessly wanting to piss me off and spoil the day.
07 June 2009 @ 02:04 am
Mom told me about a child day care fire kills 30 over children. [Yahoo! News]
And 2 bodies & ticket found regards to the Air France crash. [Yahoo! News]
My heartfelt condolence to all of the families. Such an emotional overrun night. *sigh*
12 May 2009 @ 06:27 am
I didn't had a good sleep last night. It was all too weird. It felt as if i just shut my eyes tightly the whole night, it didn't feel as if i was sleeping at all! Hmph! But fact is, i dreamt... I dreamt that i was craving for thosai/dosai (however they spell that) and i was hunting for it in a cab. I didn't get to it as my alarm clock started it's 'nonsense' - annoying daily wake up call. And guess what? NOW i'm really craving for thosai/dosai. I'm so hungry that i can just eat this macbook now.

This is the first time i had a craving dream and really felt it. The hunting for thosai/dosai made me all lethargic now!
05 February 2009 @ 05:41 pm
Give me the utmost strength to pull through.
Keep me supreme strong. Amin.

and dear, i swear this week felt like it was the longest time ever, waiting to meet you.
26 January 2009 @ 08:02 pm
Just a quick, chop-chop one. Firstly, Happy Lunar New Year to those who are celebrating. Happy holidays to the rest. Unfortunately, i can't enjoy them to the fullest. =(

Anyway, January has the most number of birthdays for me. My family has 3 (Hafiz, Haqirah, Shahdan), BF's family 2 (his mama & Akmal) and lastly, my secondary school friends 4 (Maya, Syimah, Daya & Helmi). My apologies if i forgot, too much things in my mind recently. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU!

SO, my family took the opportunity to celebrate the 3 birthdays during holiday at the chalet. =)


Lastly, my family & I got to watch the Eclipse from home today! Not well taken but still..... Here it is...

Mood: confusedconfused
15 January 2009 @ 11:57 pm
My grandma burial ceremony all went well. Thank you everyone for your kind words, very nice of all of you. Especially, BF's family, thank you for coming. We really appreciate it.

I was told by my parents that when my aunt & family were on the way to my late granny's place from KL, my nephew (2yrsold) spontaneously said to his mom, "I'm very happy today". "Why?" mom asked thinking his happy to get to go back to SG. "Because nenek is going to heaven!" he replied, cheerful. His mom was surprised, she didn't taught him that and they have not even reach Singapore yet. Insya'allah it can be true?

After the burial, left with only families, grandpa said some prayers. The whole family teared when grandpa suddenly cried. I can't help it too. He had been trying to put up a brave front. Imagine hearing him said the prayers while he was crying, it was very solemn. These few days will be ongoing tahlil.

Oh god, give me strength. I've never been this lethargic and at the same time extremely stress? I have so many things to do, especially for school and now this. I'm trying hard to cope. Everything will get better in no time hopefully. All i need now, is support. Just a support to cope with this tough phase.
Mood: tiredtired
15 January 2009 @ 01:30 am
After eight months, my grandma (father's mother) is free from any suffering now. Eight months ago, she suffered from stroke. Her niat to go Mekah with my uncle & aunt tak sempat ditunaikan. All her sons and daughters were devastated for they had already booked a cruise for her mother's day surprise celebration. Today, she left us (i believe) peacefully.

We were still shaken, we just didn't expect it to be... this fast. But we all know the fact that she already had given up hope to get better. Mom & I got the news while we were shopping at Causeway Point. Mom broke into tears right outside Charles & Keith. I was worried she might faint or something, but when i ask her if she feel alright, she said not to worry as she had already faced it once - when her father (my grandfather) passed away. My dad was calm, he said it's better for her to go than to suffer every single minute when she's alive. I know mom feel quite at a lost as she's close to my grandma and grandma will always turn to her whenever she needs a listening ear.

her last moments...Collapse )

She's been a wonderful grandma, always cooking for us good food and treat us extremely nice. The last time i met her, she locked her look at me & held out her hands. I was surprised cos she never did that before. So, hold on to her hand and she stoke them lightly. I think she knew at that very moment that it's the last time she'll be seeing me. That's the last time i saw her, talked to her & touched her. Today, i saw her again but lying down lifelessly yet peacefully - as if sleeping. Looking pale, clean & pure, by then, reality slowly sank in. I cried so hard when i reminisce back just now. Brings me back to the day, my grandpa left me. I won't stop sobbing then. I love him sooo much till date. I miss them. I miss whatever they have been doing for me. I miss it.

We are left with only a grandma (mom's mum) & a grandpa (dad's father), with none nenek or atok sedare. I want them to know, even if i'm far, i still do appreciate their presence and cherish them, my grandparents.
31 December 2008 @ 12:52 am
While everyone is busy summing up year 2008 and writing resolution 2009, I'm not. I want to reminisce my 2008 but there's too many. I want to jot my resolutions but it'll just end up being neglected. I hereby live my life as destiny wants me to. Simply means, taking a day at a time, take life as it is; for yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gratuity. I won't let the past steal my present. I'm easy to be pleased and i won't ask for much, i only want what general human wants; I just know that i want to be happy every single day with everything that i own and that i need. To be successful with good finance, good career, good life, good love life, good family, build good relationships, a bright future, achieve what i can and what i have to and fulfill my dreams and wishes (that will come along the way). Be thankful with what i own now. That's that. I won't pressure myself. I'm leading a good and healthy life now. Btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well well, another wonderful year with Muhammad Alif. And i hope always...

You've grown up to be a fine young pretty lady.
I know your 2008 had been a blissful one... so have another blissful birthday!
Mood: thankfulthankful
23 December 2008 @ 01:24 am
...I believe i can touch the sky!
I've found a new dream place to visit other than my Eiffel tower which is waiting for me in Paris. A shortcut to the sky. A place where the land and the sky meet. I wanna be there. I want to be at Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia); the world's largest salt flat or 'mirror'! So damn cool! Yes, this place do exist! Many asked how i got to know about this place, it's thru here. Believe me, it's not fake, dah!

Credits to all over the net. I forgot where i got them as i found them at various websites
P/S: Happy 51st, love! Please bring me there! Pretty please, you pretty thing.