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27 August 2009 @ 10:44 pm
Hello, please take note, i've moved back to EEDUH.COM (powered by wordpress).
It was fun while it lasted. Thank you LJ for the memories. I'll keep this LJ still for networking. Keep adding.
18 August 2009 @ 11:11 pm
Amazing that i'm posting 2 entries in an hour. Recently, i'm in love with the colour, grey. I bought mostly grey hues tops. As long as my days aren't greyed, it's fine. Anyways, here's the family's day images. ( Family Day Full Album )

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18 August 2009 @ 09:38 pm
Just an impromptu plan last Friday, since we had the 50% off tickets and coincidentally it falls on all our BFs' off day. I thought it'll be cooler than it is in the morning. It's definitely tiring to see, walk & take photographs in the dark! So i think, i prefer zoo. Though it's warm, i'm able to see all the animals and my route! [Full Album]

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.. How about you, you, you?Collapse )
10 August 2009 @ 03:15 pm
A random night unlike any other nights. We travelled so much that my feet hurts in those flats. Nevertheless, i enjoyed myself (i hope he does too). Probably, it might be the 'last' visit there, cos someone particularly hates this place because it's inconvenient; especially when it comes to parking. =P But it's cool cos i had my fun already.

On top of the world...Collapse )

The following day, we had an impromptu night when the guys decided to watch soccer at Moshee's aft Expo.

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It feels sooo good when Monday is a holiday but it sucked to know that half the day had already gone by and it's ending soon. Tuesday... ugh... i hate TUESDAY. It's only Tuesday, few days more to Friday, 3 days to be exact.
This one's for you, babey!
04 August 2009 @ 10:44 pm
We worked as a team for Sleeq ClassiQ album launch on Sunday. After all, we learnt to be Jack of all trades, master of none during our time in Temasek Poly. Haha. At times, we are glad to choose those path because we learn that we are capable in many aspects - the strength and weakness. Of course, we know that though our polytechnic life ends, learning doesn't and so does friendship.

The night before

Album Launch (added pics)Collapse )

After the album launch, BF and I went to Nadhirah's birthday party. All of them are so grown up now! I enjoy their antics!

My Niece's 3rd BirthdayCollapse )

Alright, need to tune in bed now. I'm so sleepy and forever busy with personal life. In a meantime, catch me @twitter.
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25 July 2009 @ 11:51 pm
So, we venture through the Arab Street in search for our Raya clothes on one fine Saturday. Thank god for the little girl who never fails to brighten up our day and thank god she loveeess taking photo - satisfying our desire. [Full gallery]

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23 July 2009 @ 09:50 pm
No wonder I have burning interest in photography. Moreover, I graduated as a design student and had underwent photography module. I have this urge to capture every moment in still, cool or not, ugly or pretty. Some people question my enthusiasm, you have the answer - it runs in the blood. The only problem is that it's too costly as a profession. Looking at these makes me envious of my dad, i wonder how much does everything cost in total; excluding the others that went missing. I asked "what happen to this interest?" and got a "married, no times, lost interest" answer. It's a pity huh? Maybe i'll continue his unfinished quest? Ney, too hard to say now. If only, i meet Richie Rich, i'll wish to be rich.

Since before my parents were married, which god knows when. It's damn heavy, and dusty too now!

Nikon SLR

This back ache is killing me. I'm so drained & sleepy that i could just sleep while typing. Good night now!
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19 July 2009 @ 08:37 pm
Feels so good to be home once in a while to keep up with my personal stuff and yours truly. The world is in such a pace that I can hardly keep up with. Whenever time is in my favor, I'll take the opportunity to give the laptop, mobile and profiles some maintenance. I hate it when i can't even remember what's in it. Moreover, i got to pamper myself with some good facial. I feel so accomplished!

Anyway, i wanted to update on how excited i got when Jippy was gonna 'move house'. He got a new home with a 'basement'. However, Gucci could only watch with envy. I can't put them together 'cos they'll probably mate. Talking bout Gucci, she's one playful girl - she jumped onto sofa and then, cabinet, she'll snatch and run away with Jippy's carrot, she'll sneak into rooms and just now, she jumped out of our house through the gate! Naughty girl! Nevertheless, cute!

"bye, old home."
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On the side note, I miss having an outing, and i mean real relaxing outing - not forgetting cam whoring. I'll drag my family and boyfriend on a fruitful outing one fine day to test out the machine when i've collected my DSLR! (Another additon to my camera collection - aaahh i'm spoilt!) I'm excited but i've got a feeling that i'll still love my Lumix LX3. We'll see.

Anyway, i grew an addiction to twitter. Maybe, i'll tweet frequent than i would blog (if i ain't a lazybum). Weekdays are coming to hunt you down again, readers! ugh... why can't everyday be Saturdays?
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07 July 2009 @ 01:11 pm

Excuse me, but i find this entertaining...
05 July 2009 @ 11:53 pm
Extremely overdue. Celebrated my nephew, Shafi, 5th Birthday. Just a mini one. BF, my mommy, my sister & I headed down to Vivo to do a little shopping before that. I must make a pact to myself to stop my bad habits. *worried*

I miss that boy at the extreme bottom left corner

Soon, we'll be as old as my nephew! LOVING IT! Unfortunately, we have life to live, work to finish, money to earn. I'm sure he'll miss me too and think of me at work. *innocent-tak-tahu-malu face* Oh, bird fly high hard to catch, someone like me hard to forget. LOL... some stupid poem during biodata-diary thing in primary school. HAPPY YOUTH DAY! I think that's the reason for me feeling this kental and playful. I'm too bored that i'm entertaining myself. Too bad for me, my playfulness is going gone gone now. aaahh sungguhbosan.com - i finished almost everything i needed to do for the day. Gooood night!
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27 June 2009 @ 01:25 pm
The rave of MJ's death has got me into the mood to tune to his music. Thus, i browse the official website and am amazed to find myself entertained. Oh no, the world is really suffering from a great lost! I still remember my brother would dance to his every move and watch MJ's LD every single day without fail! Then, everyone would be mimicking his signature moves and that "(screaming...) AAAAHH" and "(zip up the pants thing and go...) AWWW!". Well, he may leave this filthy world but no doubt his music will live forever - he's the legend, mayn! Rest in peace King of Pop.

Anyway, had a picnic with my friends at the Marina Barrage, despite the cloudy day. Thank god, it didn't rain.

This is the way...Collapse )

And after that, spend some quality time with BF. Had dinner and watched Dvd over at my place. It was a good day! I love you so much! (Excuse me, i felt the urge to say that out.. haha)

"Do you remember the time,
When we fell in love...
Do you remember the time,
When we first met..."
- Michael Jackson - Remember the time.