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17 October 2011 @ 11:56 pm
London, UK  
London is the craziest craziest place i've been to.. Thanks to Primark! Every time i come back from London, i'll be broke! This is the only place that i could spend so much! The first time was during Hari Raya, i was having mixed feelings, so excited to finally be in London yet so devastated to not be able to celebrate raya with my love ones here. The first time as always we choose to sight-see & the second time here, we decided shopping would be our only agenda! PRIMARK ftw! OHH! I also got my beautiful DR. MART in pearly purple! For the second time, the crew was amazing, we were really bonded in a short period of time & of course, i was ecstatic to be able to meet my friends & fly with Xuan (from CHC) again! I <3 London! Full Photo Album 1 2

Mood: cheerfulcheerful